Watch out people Moss has let his hair out. The Vikings are now fueled by Fropower. Your team might as well give it up because theres no hope for them. Doug McKenzie should let his hair go loose and get the Afro going. If he doesnt, GB doesnt stand a chance in the NFC north.

My stepdad and I were watching the game, and noticed Howry had his fro on the opening kickoff. Then we noticed Moss and McKinnie had it too. Moss wouldn't take his beanie off until the game was almost over, so I started calling it the "hostage afro". It was trying to get out of there, but just couldn't.

And LOL at Doug McKenzie. Hoser.

Moss is a great player, but he needs to do someting with that hair..That was disgusting

I heard they have a group of guys on the team who all have fros and they call themselves the AFROS. it stands for something but I can't remember it. little help?????


Thank you............