Frozen Shelled Edamames...Just Steam?

Never cooked these. Should I just steam them or bake them or what?  

I’m steaming them. Thanks for nothing!!  

So sorry, didn't see this until now. I boil a pot of heavily salted water and then dump them in for 4 minutes.

Shelled right? I've never tried with the shells on.

That’s ok. You’re old and slow. 


I havent made them yet. I was just going to steam them and then salt them after. I’ll let you know how it goes. They were 99 cents for a big bag. I was pretty pumped. 

Boil em. Shoyu, pepper flakes and a little sesame oil

What’s shoyu?

King Trav -

What’s shoyu?

Soy sauce. 

Steamed with salt and pepper is great. Next time we’ll try them with soya sauce.