Fruity Pebbles

Ad Age reports that John Cena is to replace Fred Flintstone on specially-marked boxes of Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles. Sharon Pupel, marketing director for Post, said: "We've just been talking with kids. They wanted more variety. Fred isn't necessarily the ... coolest or [most] relevant guy for kids who we are going after."
WWE and Post first made a deal when The Rock made fun of John Cena's ring gear, saying he looked like a "big, fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles." They say it wasn't an attempt to get a new sponsor, but they reached out anyway after fans began chanting "Fruity Pebbles" at John Cena at WWE events.
Cena was featured last year on three million boxes but was at the top of the box while Fred was still the main focus. Other promotions are being planned, including a sweepstakes and a return for Cena during the back-to-school period.
This is the WWE's biggest deal with a family brand since toning things down in 2008 to get a PG rating. Andrew Judelson, Executive VP of sales and sponsorship, said: "It doesn't happen overnight. Just because we say we've moved to PG doesn't mean corporate America immediately is going to respond. It takes consistency, it takes time and I think what's happening now ... is there is a tipping point."

I saw that yesterday and was afraid to post it here.  Figured it would be like when Hogan turned heel and they threw all that shit in the ring.

I think it is hilarious that Cena is now endorsing Fruity Pebbles.

So much for a new Era of PG-13 coming anytime soon.

That would be awesome if he get's the endorsement, then finally the WWE has Cena turn NWO Hogan heel.