Frustrated Learning Java

This is for all the programmers out there. I recently changed my school program and I am now going for cs. I took my intro to java class and am very frustrated that it wasn't as easy as I though and learnung oop is hard. Any tips or advice? Or should I give up and its not for me? Phone Post 3.0

Don't just type out the commands once to get things to work. Change it around to make it do different things and to get a feel for what it really is doing which will not only give you a better understanding, but help you remember it a lot better than just regurgitatiing what is in the text. I know that probably doesn't seem helpful depending at how deeply you are into the course already. You really need to get the very basics down otherwise it becomes a problem later if there isn't a good foundation, just like a math class everything is goign to be based on previous knowledge.

It's not hard to make a cup of java

Lol Phone Post 3.0

What made you decide to switch to CS? Was it a genuine interest in it, or so you can be employable and make decent money?

Programming isn't for everyone. Some people just have a knack for it and actually enjoy solving the problems. I won't go as far to say they "love" it (some do).

There's programmers out there who don't have any natural ability, but have been trained well enough through years of repetition and practice to cover most things they'll encounter.

I chose to learn python Phone Post 3.0