Any help would be appreciated.

I am a born Canadian. I have talked with recruiters and people at the local consulate several times about enlisting in the US armed forces. The only answer I am given is I must get a H1-B visa before I get in. After having researched an H1-B, it is unlikely I will qualify for one (I am currently attempting to get a TN visa). Further, I find it hard to believe an employer is ok (and given no legal recourse) with going through a lawyer to get the government to permit me residency status and I then turn around and join a division of the armed forces and not fulfil the job I was hired to do.

I am 25, speak English and French fluently, have a Bachelor of Kinesiology (Exercise Science) and unlike many immigrants, I have a decent level of understanding of western civilization, democracy and capitalism (I've been told more H1-B's are given to guys from Mozambique than Canada, yet Canadians share much more with the US than Mozambique ever will).

Anyways, since 9/11 I've attempted a few times to get info on a way of getting in and was always told about this magical H1-B. If you guys know a realistic way of getting one or any other way of joining up for a term, let me know.


MS, might just end up in the crappy Canadian army.


I am sorry you feel that way about your military. As an American Soldier who has worked with the Canadian miitary
all I can say is that your country is in very good hands. Even though the canadian govt give the men who defend it next to nothing.

Chiggidy, popular impression of the Can. military in Canada is that they've been under-trained, under-equipped and under-funded since the Trudeau era (1968-1984). All Canadian paratroops were disbanded after the Bosnia incident. Of the subs Canada bought, 3 fail to work. If there is any redeeming feature of the Canadian military, it is kept well hidden from the our various media.


contact a us army recruiter through or move to the US and join the national guard

I am a fan of the Canadian military, particularily the PPCLI.

The Canadian infantrymen I have had contact with are outstanding, and are generally regarded among US infantrymen as having the best snipers of any country.

I wish that I could offer better advice about gaining citizenship, but don't loose hope. One of my Soldiers is a Hungarian citizen; if a Hungarian can do it a Canadian can too.

thanks guys