Frustration w/ finding amp/effects

I have a Line6 POD that sounds pretty sweet with the delay/chorus running through the fake rectifier. I used to have a Marshall head and cab that had a pretty nice crunch to it, but what I really want is that same kind of powerful crunch but with more sustain, and I like to mix it up with delay and chorus. Is a stereo amp the answer (like the old GKs)?

My real question is: if I were to get a Marshall or Mesa Boogie head and cab and run a sustain(compressor), chorus, and delay through it, can I get what I'm looking for? Running the POD through the amps effects loop didn't do what I wanted at all. Also, seems like more effects I run into the amp, the more signal I lose and the less drive I get.

Any thoughts?

Yeah, as soon as you start adding effects like chorus and delay the 'crunch' will start to disappear, it just gets a little watered down.

I wouldn't recommend running out and buying a Marshall or Mesaboogie if you're unsure - but they are pretty cheap to rent, good way to test them out.

"Running the POD through the amps effects loop didn't do what I wanted at all"

I had pretty good results running the pod through the pre-amp in (basically replacing the head), or even directly into the input. Also remember to switch the AIR from direct to amp.

POD through a PA sounds good. What about running 3 different effects pedals through a Boogie or Marshall? I mean if I ran sustain, delay, and chorus. Or would that kill the drive way too much. Maybe a professional (clean) amp with an effects rack is the way to go. Not sure.

I'm sure it would sound great. I've never used stero amps, but I used to get a decent sound when I was using a lot of effects by running the guitar into the effects and then into the amp. That way the 'effected' sound is getting the amp crunch as well.

What is your application,live performance,practice,recording,or what?

Especially for live performance, time based effects can be very tricky. Chorus,delay,reverb, IMO need to have a dry,non effected signal blended (probably at the PA) to "cut" or you risk getting lost in the mix.

Thats a good idea if you have a good soundman, unless you know something I don't (which is pretty much unavoidable)

I like to hear the tone I want coming straight out of the amp. Can't trust anybody to get what you're hearing in your head.

My buddies band has a huge problem with that.

His guitarist is really accomplished, can play anything, and sounds amazing when recording. WHen they play live its a different story. He uses a lot of delays/chorus, really cool shimmery sounding effects. The only problem is when the rhythm guitar is playing you can't hear one note - not even during his solos. It actually looks pretty funny watching him wail away without hearing anything.

At first I tried to be subtle because I really don't know the guy, and I know what its like to get advice from some knob you don't know. I've seen them quite a few times though and my hints have gone from, 'hey, I really couldn't make out what you were doing, do you think it could be those effects?' to 'Listen man, nobody can hear anything you're playing!'

What is your application, live performance, practice, recording, or what?Practice and recording - I don't play live at any gigs. Like I said, I like the POD when I practice at home through my home stereo, and it isn't bad through the PA. It just doesn't have the "umpf" I'd like to get that I can out of an amp. My Marshall was OK, but a bit frustrating. It had good crunch for sure running out of the lead channel (except out of the CRUNCH channel - what the hell is that about???), but lacked sustain. I'd like to run with distortion only and get a pantera/metallica type of sound, but then run delay and chorus to get a better sound, something like a Dream Theater. I play a lot of Rush, Tool, Pantera, Metallica, Dream Theater, and even some Tesla. If you have any ideas, let me know.What do you think of the Boogie amps versus Marshall? Any particual head/cab combo you like for what I'm talking about?I appreciate the feedback guys!

If you've got the cash.....I'd definately go for this.Was your Marshall tube or solid state? I had a solid state that was great for crunch, but pretty much just great for crunch. I played it for a while but got bored of sounding like Neil Young.

Cool, I'll check it out for sure. You think I could get away with running old-school effects pedals through it? :)

"The only problem is when the rhythm guitar is playing you can't hear one note - not even during his solos. It actually looks pretty funny watching him wail away without hearing anything."

That drives me crazy, and I see ALOT of guitarists this way.

Triple rectifier has good metal distortion to it? How does it compare to the Marshall amps? Just making sure.

For what it is worth, you may want to check out the B-52 Stealth series from Pro Audio. These guys have made great audio gear for a long time, and have now branched out into amps; both solid state and tube. B-52 Stealth SeriesI am personally going to get one of their ST-60 series next month. Here is a pretty cool feature that I think is one of the reasons that this thing is unique.-Rectifier select switch for: Class A Tube, Class AB1 Tube and Class AB2 solid-state -Overdrive channel with gain 1, gain 2 with contour, 3-band EQ and level control-Clean channel with level control and 3-band EQI have been trying in vain to find someone with something bad to say about these things, but I can't. I've been to guitar center for months playing around with it too, and it keeps getting better and better. I've taken a work counter part who happens to be an electrical engineer and musician to check this thing out. He LOVES the amp, the sound, the look; all of it, especially the rectifier feature. And he was also blown away by perhaps the best feature. The price.$700 for the head, and $300 for a 4x12, built like a brick shithouse cab. Not to mention a complete 5 year warranty on parts and labor. Guitar Center near me cannot keep them in stock, thats why I've had to wait. One of my best friends, and guitar teacher is ditching his Mesa Dual Rec for one of these things. Jimmy Cypher aka James Blackstock

Those amps are beautiful, I remember you posted one before. I've never seen one in Canada, but then again I've never looked.

ov1 - cool, I will check out one of those as well. There's a Guitar Center in Tempe I can go to. Thanks!

Das and Sean, I would be curious to know your experiences with them. This is the first time I've actually been excited about an amp. Mostly because I could not justify a Mesa, or Marshall in a cabinet format. Now I can get an amazing amp, with a 4x12, for less than the head of a Mesa or Marshall; and sounds better to me personally. I like the ballsy sound that comes out of these things without having to ride it too hard.