Frye vs LeBanner: Which Pride?

Does anyone know which Pride event had this fight? It was a kickboxing match where Don got KO'd pretty brutally. I was wondering if it's available on DVD.

It was Shockwave.It's not available legally in the US on dvd

Thanks Miller. Are there any plans to release it? I wonder why they skipped this one?

no problem

or brain damaging, ya

As a longtime Frye fan, that was a tough fight to watch.

Shockwave as the other poster said, it was definately a tough fight to watch as I like Frye, it was also the beginning of the end of him as a possible top contender of course I don't think he would have won the other fights after that anyway, but it changed perceptions even though it was K1.

No suprise in the outcome though.

he reminds me of christopher walken's character in The Deerhunter