Frye vs. Takayama highlight clip

i've heard about this war, but haven't seen the fight yet. Does anyone know where it can be located??

I'm just looking for highlights of the fight.


There might be one at

What a fight that was.

It's hysterical and brutally savage at the same time.

i checked sherdog, but i couldn't find it. it seems as though all the pride clips have been removed.

anyone confirm?? tks

I have the entire fight on my website. Feel free to download it.


LOL.  I almost used that URL.

Its pretty easy to reenact, you need two people to grab eachother's head with their left arm and flail wildly with the right.

ThomasBJJ tks I just finished dl'ing the entire clip. since you were so kind to lend a helpful hand, here's a highlight reel you'll not want to pass up:

:-) dub

LOL! :)

glad you have a sense of humor. ;-)


LOL @ dubby. Blast me off an e-mail man.