FS: $300 Ipaq 5455 PDA WiFi BT 64m

For sale in Austin, you can pick it up if you're local, or I can ship for $7 Priority Mail insured. I have a verified business account on Paypal and have over 350 positive feedbacks on Ebay under "paul.erickson". If interested email me at paul@txmma.com. Thanks.


HP Ipaq H5455 64mb PDA.
Built in WiFi, Bluetooth, upgraded to Windows Mobile / Pocket PC 2003
Intel XScale ARM family CPU
Built in biometric fingerprint scanner for security
Brilliant 64k color screen
used, In Excellent condition, functions perfectly.
Has already been flashed with all firmware updates to the BIOS,
wireless LAN, etc.

Product Page:

The refurb version from HP is $399 before tax&shipping, AND is still
PocketPC 2002. You would have to purchase an additional upgrade to
Windows Mobile 2003 for it to be equivalent to what I'm selling.

Comes with lots of 3rd party games and apps on CD, comes installed with
PocketWiNC (Wireless configurator), Norton Antivirus for Handhelds,
Monopoly, Pocket Streets 2004, SpaceMaker, and more.

The unit comes with manual on CD, ActiveSync 3.7 and USB charge/sync
cable (smaller and easier to use than a cumbersome cradle and AC
Adapter). You wont find a better deal on a Windows Mobile 2003
handheld with integrated dual format wireless and its other

$300, priced to move. Price is firm.


More Specifications:

create a totally wireless office with integrated security and input
and access to data
• enjoy ready-to-go wireless solutions and universal remote control
• feel assured by the integrated wireless security feature, which
works well for broad mobility applications like customer relationship
• use with familiar applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Word,
and Excel
• gain functionality and control with the iPAQ Task Manager, iPAQ File
Store, and iPAQ Backup functions
• take advantage of expanded applications with games and multimedia
• be ergonomically correct with the multifunction power button,
five-way joypad, volume up/down/mute, biometric fingerprint reader,
and touch-sensitive display for stylus or fingertip



Length of unit (without LAN antenna): 5.23 in. / 133.0 mm
Length of unit (with LAN antenna): 5.43 in. / 138.0 mm


7.26 oz. / 206 grams


Intel (XSCALE) 400-Mhz Processor


Type: Transflective TFT liquid crystal display
Number of colors: 65,536 (64K, 16-bit)
Touch screen: Yes
Resolution (w x h): 240 x 320
Pixel pitch: .24 mm
Viewable image size: 2.26 in wide x 3.02 in tall (57.6 mm wide x 76.8
mm tall), 3.8 in Diagonal (96 mm)


ROM: 48 MB Flash ROM
Input method: Handwriting recognition, soft keyboard, voice recorder,


3-mode alarm notification
Flashing green LED, tone, pop-up message
Charge active: flashing / solid amber LED
Bluetooth active: flashing / solid blue LED
WLAN active: flashing green LED
WLAN enabled but not connected: flashing amber LED

Ergonomic design features

Multifunction power button
5-way Joypad
Volume up/down/mute
Biometric Fingerprint Reader
Touch-sensitive display for stylus or fingertip
Microphone and speaker on front-side of unit


Integrated speaker; 3.5 mm stereo headphone and microphone jack

Notification systems

(1) audible alarm
(2) green blinking LED
Amber LED: solid = fully charged; blinking = charging
Green LED: notification alarms
Blue LED: Bluetooth operating notification

Power supply

1250 mAh Lithium Polymer removable / rechargeable battery (in docking
cradle or with AC Adapter)
Internal memory backup battery (not removable)

AC power

AC Adapter plugs either 1) into the back of the cradle (power is
passed through to the device); or 2) through the adapter plug (into
the device when it is not docked in the cradle)

Operating humidity

10 to 90%

Operating temperature

32 to 104 degrees F (10 to 40 degrees C)


Operating system applications: Powered by Microsoft Windows for Pocket
PC 2002 Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Voice Recorder, Notes, Pocket Word
(with spellchecker), Pocket Excel, Pocket Internet Explorer, Windows
Media Player 8 (MP3, audio and video streaming), Calculator,
Solitaire, Inbox (with Spell Checker for email), Microsoft Reader
(eBooks), File Explorer, MSN Messenger, VPN Client, Terminal Services
Client, Infrared Beaming, Clock, Align Screen, File Explorer, Memory,
Volume control
HP applications (extras that HP put in ROM):
iPAQ Fingerprint Reader: enhanced security
iPAQ File Store: non-volatile file storage in flash ROM; iPAQ Task
Manager: access and launch programs easily
iPAQ Backup: utility for Backup/Restore to Main Memory
Memory Card, or iPAQ File Store; iPAQ Image Viewer: view images and
create slide shows
Nevo: Universal
Remote Control; Adjustable Standby Settings: Utility for adjusting
power conservation modes
Utilities: Self Test, Expansion pack; iPAQ Audio, Power Status

I would definitely be interested, provided I could run the Familiar Linux distro on it... which I probably could.

it does come with a copy of Pocket PC 2003 for reinstall purposes, right?

It has the upgrade binary with it, which should let you re-install PPC2003 or PPC2002.

cool... I am really interested in this, but someone would have to get it for me as a present...

so I'll have to point this out to them, since I asked for a PDA...

hmm, nevermind.

they don't want to deal with private sellers over the Net, only businesses.

guess I'll have to pass.

ttt for someone else to snag this, this is a pretty good deal.

Only businesses... hmm well I do have a business account with Paypal and something like 270 verified transactions there, plus paying thru Paypal he gets a documented transaction (I can invoice him via paypal stating exactly what is to be delivered) AND buyer protection.

Oh well. I'm also throwing in a basic Dell protective PDA case and Gameboy/SNES/TG16/GBA emulator software (the roms you have to find elsewhere of course).

Hey, if you want a good deal

Go to Amazon.com

Look at the 1945....its only 289.00

Print that out, bring that to your local staples and they'll match it, it will pay for tax and everything and come under 275ish...

Try to see if anyone has any staples coupons to top that :)

Your Welcome

The 1945 is a bad ass lil pocket pc

Try calling that one in and they will match the amazon.com price, 110%

And use coupon code 62276

They will ask for that number :)


I love the small form factor PPC's from HP/Compaq, they don't really have the huge aftermarket that the std-size Ipaq's have (sleeves, batteries, GPS, etc.) but they make up for it in size/weight.

IMO if I were to consider a Dell PPC I'd rather get a regular form factor Ipaq since the Dell is a large clunker to begin with - and there's almost no aftermarket for it on Ebay or elsewhere in peripherals, compared to the regular Ipaq.

I'm only selling my 5455 because I have a 128mb 5555 that I use more due to increased memory. Honestly the 5455 is nicer in one way, it has the high power IR emitter that you can use for remote control purposes via Nevo - kind of funny to whip the sucker out in a sports bar, and start changing the channels on the TVs to the game I'm wanting to watch.

Ok. I will take it.

Email me @ hunting999999@hotmail.com

I will also email you.

ttt - invoiced you via Paypal.


Forgive me but.....

I know what paypal is....

However, I have no idea what "invoiced you via paypal" means. lol

ttt for my dumb ass not knowing what the hell I need to do now.

ttt for hunting

Thanks BrianG.

C'mon arclight, I want this damn thing. lol

ttt - you should have received an email at the hotmail address you emailed me from, it will have a link to Paypal where you can pay to my account. Let me know if you didnt receive the invoice or you need it sent to a different email. Thanks.


Cool. Thanks man.

I am going to check now.

Cool. Ok I received it. My hotmail account must have been fucked up because as of this morning, I had no new mail but I just checked now and saw the 4 messages you sent. lol

Anyway, I will credit your account tomorrow. I will also email you were to ship to.