I am wanting to find out if there is any mma or jiu jitsu training or club at Ft. Gordon. I just got off active duty and am in the reserves now at Ft. Gordon and was looking for more people to train w/. I currently am working on my blue belt in jiu jitsu which i should have in a few months. Also, this is for SFC.Larsen or anyone who can help, i am curious about attending any combative schools for the army. I go back to active duty this fall, would I need to be active or would reserve be alright to attend these schools? Any help would be great, thanks.

Isn't Gordon a tech school type base?

You can attend in either the reserves or the guard. You just have to get your unit to send you. As for where to train, how far are you from Atlanta or Athens? In Atlanta there is Jacare Cavalcante, in Athens there is the Hard Core Gym, both very good places to train.

Thanks Matt,
Put a post up on the BJJ forum. There is a very good Purple belt in Augusta named Jon Olivera. He has a small training group.