ft polk

anybody here stationed at ft polk? we are deploying there for a month to do some SASO training. whats it like down there?

I am an OC here. Are you with the Marine Unit coming down in May??

yes i am , we are leaving today, april 24th. whats an OC?

Observer Controller.

We coach, teach and mentor Blufor units to do doctrinal tasks in accordance with regulation.

We also enforce the exercise rules of engagement.

I went to Ft. Polk 3 years ago with the CTNG 143rd. ASG to participate in the JRTC game, and as a former OC for the AV team at Ft. Devens
I have 2 things to say.

1 Ft. Polk is F***** UP!!

OC's at Ft. Polk don't play fair, some of you guys broke all the rules in the book, the OC's were lucky I was not invited to the AAR because I was not part of the "key Personel" or because I knew too much.

OPFORD had no MILES so they were untouchable, and on top of that they broke into one of the female tents and shot a couple of blanks in it, jeopardizing the safety of the females in the tent, among other stupid crap that they did. Needless to say OC's couldn't do anything about it.

In other words Ft. Polk SUCKS!!!

CPT Rodriguez