Ft. Riley Combatives

I just want to congratulate Dave Durnil for building the best US Army
Combatives program in the nation - 2nd place overall and two champs -
in under a few years. Congratulations also to Joe Wilk, Alex Dibennedeto,
John Menke, & Ethan Day for their coaching as well.

For everyone: Do not pass up a chance to train combatives if you are or
get stationed at Ft. Riley!

Andy Wefald

I want to thank Matt for a great tournament. Ft. Riley is no longer a secret in Combatives. I am sure next year we will have to step it up. Just to clarify, we are the second best program in the nation, great job Greg and the guys from SWC!


Good Job Sir

That is sweet ! What we can go do to soldiers. Train them and send it to combat. Even a tournament is part of it. FT Riley good job! You got some soldiers from korea now there hungry to learn. Make them sweat

Love Rafie !!!

I am mobilizing to Afghanistan for an Embedded Training Team mission with the Afghani National Army through Ft. Riley. Where is training available on/off post? Doubt I will have a lot of time, but would love to keep rolling a little bit at mob station, since I doubt I'll have much chance in country on this mission.

The situation at Ft. Riley has been extremely positive. It is an example of an excellent fighter and motivated trainer, crossing paths with a commander who is not risk averse, and has an appreciation for the combat relevence of fighting. I could only hope that situations like this could occur around various elements. I expect nothing but continued success for this element, not withstanding the political battles yet to come.

Dave Barron

Killer Rabbit,
You won't have much time, the schedule you will be on during training is packed. I graduate first part of January, and I haven't seen Dave yet, and that is one of the things I wanted to do while I was here, but my schedule training for MTT doesn't allow it.

Joy. Sounds like mob station will be packed full of fun. Oh well.

Are you on an Iraq or Afghanistan MTT? What level? I am trying to get info on anything and keep getting the deer in headlights look even though my brigade has an almost identical team there now.


I have 3 Aviators that I have certified Level I out there now and they are going to need some help getting the program started. They seem to be running into some barriers with the chain of command. If you could get me your contact info, I'll tell them to contact you. They are all motivated and want to train. Thanks for your help in advance.



If anyone has any questions about Combatives at Fort Riley, KS. Contact: Dave, Debo, or Joe. And visit us at WWW.COMBATIVESPORTCENTER.COM


I'll let my guys know about your website and tell them to get in touch with you. Sounds like you guys have a great thing going out there.

Matt's plan is taking hold. MACP is taking over the world, one base at a time.