We are finally opening the doors to "Fight To Win" BJJ/MMA in Concord, NC. I am located inside Peak Fitness, and we are running an early enrollment special for the next month. Call me with an questions.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my move into the area, and I am looking forward training with you guys.

Steve Hall
Royce Gracie Black Belt Rep.
"Fight To Win"
929G South Concord Pkwy
Concord, NC 28027

Congratulations and good luck with the school.  It's nice to see BJJ growing in NC.

if i already have a membership to peak how much is the bjj going to cost

It is $75 a month minus what you are paying for Peak.
If you are going to sign up do it now. We are getting a great response so far, and that price is only going to last a couple more weeks.

I will also give private lesson for each signed contract referred to FTW.

Do you have a website?

Yes, but it is not up yet.

I will post it when it is ready, I hope by next week.