Fu@K ESPN....

So, I was in Vegas this weekend and turned on the TV while getting ready for the weigh ins and ESPN had a little Segment about Chuck being on the show Entourage.

The broadcaster (who's name I can't remember unfortunately) said that cameos must come easy to a guy that "Beats people up.". He said it very condicendingly which made me think it was an accident, but, he went to to tell the tale of the tape, and again he made the same comment about how Chuck just "beats people up.". His next comment sent me thru the roof, he said, " The Iceman vs. Rampage....it makes u yearn for a fight between Maverick and Goose." in his monotone voice.

I wanted to jump thru the tv and strangle the guy.

ESPN, u better be respectful when talking about our sport, ur screwing w/ the wrong group. We're nice until it's time to be not so nice:)

Yeah, seems like a few of the announcers on ESPN are condescending.

I saw one where they were showing the tale of the tape and the announcer started laughing and making fun of Chuck and Rampage cause their strengths were "Punching" and "Slamming", he went on to say he could go out on the street and pay two guys to fight it out instead of paying 40 bucks.

They obviously dont understand the skill involved.

It's the condescending snobby attitude of the East Coast. Don't take it
personally. =)

The guy looked like he would Sh$T pants if he ever did what MMA guys do, and yet he was making fun of the sport. Have a little more respect.