I am moving to Tokyo in january and I want to live in the Fuchu area. But I cannot find any gaijin houses or apartment listings for fuchu! Do you know any sources to find housing in fuchu?

(I think Fuchu is cheaper than Mitaka right?)

A friend of mine lives in one near musashi-koganei station. (border of fuchu and koganei) If you want information I can ask him. It is about ten minutes down the street from my dojo.

that would be awesome if your buddy knew any newspapers or places where ads are listed. or even better if he knew a place! (i have a friend in tokyo who will go look for me, if there is a paper or a notice board).

thanks for the help dude

update: we found a company called Apple House that has tons of houses in western tokyo. i got one by musashisakai station.

LOL they advertise heavily "man and woman stay together". Excellent.

sorry I have not checked this in a few days. I will ask my friend and post results. If you already have something then just ignore it. There is a boxing gym in musashi sakai if that interests you. There is also brazilian jiu jitsu in kichijoji and my place is five minutes from you near shin-koganei.

hey thanks man! actually i already got a place 10 mins from musashi koganei station. this place apple house is pretty good, you get free internet and a big fridge and it's 47000 per month.

i am going to check out a lot of gyms, especially grabaka, kiguchi, g-square, and yoshida dojo. i also have a death wish to try a judo class at Tokai university LOL. my buddy went there and yamashita yasuhiro told a guy "go get a chair for our guest." kenzo nakamura olympic gold medalist runs at top speed and gets a chair for my friend. i have to see this for myself.

problem solved then. I'm going on vacation till Jan 11th but if you are around and want company I will go train with you at a couple of those dojos. I know guys who train around here who also train there .. nice guys and good fighters.