Fuck buddy got a boyfriend

No pics sorry

So been seeing this girl as a FWB, I am actually her manager at work so its a little wierd, I want it to stay on the up and up so she doesn't go to HR.

Anyway about 6 months ago it started, she had a boyfriend who had a low sex drive or whatever and wasn't getting any. We where on a business trip and pretty much jumped me, I mean I didn't put up a fight but she followed me to my room then proceeded to suck my dick then had the most dirty sex ever.

Anyway she dumped her boyfriend and we stayed FWB and have been hooking up at least once a week since then. Well after our hookup tonight she drops the bombshell she found a new boyfriend.

I was mad because she didn't tell me but she still wants to keep hooking up, apparently her new boyfriend isn't able to satisfy her, says he is sweet but king of a broke loser and is pretty inexperienced with women.

I am feeling bad about this I don't want to be the other guy, but she is pretty hot.

What to do OG

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Bail, don't look back.


G-S-D - 6/10
. Phone Post 3.0

It kind of depends, does she arch her back for you?

Oh, haha, I see the spin now. 7/10.

Any inkling if he might be an insecure suck bag? Is his body way better than yours? Phone Post 3.0

Hurtsogood - Bail, don't look back.
This. Also, if she's under you at work, that could be a problem. Phone Post 3.0

Solid 7 sir. VU Phone Post 3.0

Ban all spins.


keep pounding dat puss the stupid cuck won't do anything lmao

spin eh? just in case.. fuck her boyfriend.. that will show her who boss is

11/20 Phone Post 3.0

Let us see you naked Phone Post 3.0

pics or get the fuck out


i saw this coming a mile away, from the original thread.

Good execution though.

Span all bins. Phone Post 3.0

Wife her up stupid 6/10

Love it!

9.0 Phone Post 3.0