Fuck Gavin Newsome. Masks forever

Gavin Newsome plans on reopening CA economy by 06/5 if things stay as they have been progressing but says we will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. Fuck this fucking asshole and state. Virtue signaling cunt. I hope he chokes on a dick. And dies. Recall this pile of crap at all costs. Disgusting what he is done here.


@Bignightmare2 it’s not all bad. Your old pal KJ is a heck of a lot more attractive when he can cover his face!

Forever or foreseeable future? I hate that faggot and hope he dies soon but those two words are not the same. For what its worth, I hate masks and only wear there at work and in stores. I also dont think they’re needed.

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Well…i just seen some Biden admin say that even if the whole country gets vaccinated we’re still in danger until the whole world gets vaxxed.

This is never going to end

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It’s bullshit. I am vaccinated and fucking hate masks and this motherfucker moved the goalposts? Wtf do I care of someone not vaxxed gets sick? Not my problem anymore. I just signed up to volunteer for the recall efforts.


This has me so pissed

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Did anyone really think the vaccine would make the masks go away? The masks are theatre, done to make people FEEL like they are in the middle of a deadly disease outbreak even though they see NO evidence of it!

The Satanic elites arent giving this up just cause they got to inject you with who knows what. You guys need to come to terms with the fact you may be wearing masks the rest of your life.


It should piss you off sir

West Coast States are on some fucked up Global Agenda



Recall these piles
Of Shit and retake America. They need to be put on spikes. Tierany should never be rewarded. Politics is tyranny




Fuck off moran I post from my phone asshole. Easy to see what you are capable of focusing on. That’s what happens when you are too stupid to talk issues and yell racist or idiot. It’s what people that can’t see reality do…live your stupidity. It’s spelling or racism. That should take away from the reality that you are a cunt.


you’re a hysterical dunce

have fun fighting tierany

Lol at any spelling nazi. Moran

Thankfully the history of this site shows spelling nazis are stupid fucks. So does every other site.

This should do wonders for the recall! Thx Newsom, you imbecile!

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LOL recall this moron already

Biden just appropriated money for the design of newer better masks. I guess that means masks are here to stay.