Fuck Pratt

So the King thing is off the table?
SP: No, no, it's full time. I live the King. The bagel guys call me "King" and I call them "King." I'm working on an underground society change where everyone is going to be referred to as a king and queen. And [the person] who inspired me to do this was my business partner, King Kevin Casey, who's a professional MMA fighter, who is signed to Strikeforce for Showtime/CBS, fighting on the Fedor [Emelianenko] card in the next couple months, which is the most highly anticipated card in the year. I used to call him "The General" and he was telling me, You know what, I'm not a General, because all my guys around me, that would make them my troops. They're all generals.

Are you a big MMA fan?
SP: I am a huge mixed martial arts fan, correct.

Do you think that might be something you get into as a producer, doing something behind-the-camera perhaps?
SP: Currently I have two films I am executive producing. One is tentatively called called "King Kron" after Kron Gracie, the only son of [legendary mixed martial artist champion] Rickson Gracie. It's a documentary. So that one is about the son and [the other one is] about the father, the two most famous martial arts Gracies in the world. We've been shooting all over the world for the last year and I've been financing that with my "Hills" checks, thank God. I'm very deep into the filmmaking and MMA world. And also, King Kevin, he's going to be [to MMA] what Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan and Kelly Slater were for their sports. So that's going to catapult me into the galaxy, just standing next to him in any venue.

How did you guys become friends?
SP: Through Rickson Gracie. I grew up knowing Rickson Gracie since I was about 14. I trained with Rickson and Kron throughout high school. King Kevin was one of his protege students.

Do you have a projected timeline for finishing the films?
SP: We're planning on hopefully being at Cannes this year with the "King Kron" film.

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