Fuck west coast rap

(Besides hieroglyphics) and fuck southern rap too(besides Outkast). Just watched the halftime show to see and just reminded me of how much I hated west coast when it became popular. Yeah I liked NWA but in general it was whack. East coast 4 life and this is the greatest rap song ever.

Fuck Gritty as a poster, a human bean and a pizzeria fag

hip hop 90s GIF by BET


Besides hiero? There’s a whole genre of hip hop that sounds just as good, if not better, than them. You’re nuts

suge knight all in the video GIF


Imagine being a new england ginger and caring about rap. LOL


I mean back in the day. The 90’s when west broke out. I know there’s a ton more now out west.

Boston produced one of the greatest rap songs of all time


I’ll take your word for it. I find rap incredibly gay and dont listen to it on purpose.

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A young Gritty is probably in the Jump Around music video

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There’s a possibility. Although I didn’t like them either.

house of pain is from LA, so that checks out

Now I’m very much not a weed guy and I indeed hated west coast rap in my hip hop days…… but I will say the first Cypress Hill was one of the best rap albums ever.


West Coast is the best coast and East Coast is the least coast. Nothing good comes out of the EST time zone that isn’t in Florida and that mumble shit ain’t rap it’s Incoherent babble from H and pill heads. East Coast rappers so whack they should stay in their beds.

It had way more East coast production than west

I disagree, there is some good rap from out east but i think what we really need to focus on and it’s something we can all agree on… that Gritty is a cockfaggot


Pete rock, Diamond D, guru and large professor all east coast producers . Lol at trying to even bring a foursome of producers to touch them

Fuck sake at this beat . Break your damn neck off

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Guru an east coast producer?

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Ew GIF by Third Rail with OZY