That was brutal

My kids finally got into it, I busted out my #32 Magic jersey and let my daughter wear it, my son made a Laker sign. We were living it up 1st quarter...

I'm pretty sure Fish was not on the floor for most of that comeback. Fish would have saved the day.

That was probably to worse game to watch in all my years. Worse than the Memorial Massacre and worse than the 2004 spurs series.

I am still optimistic though. In every loss the Lakers always had a good chance to win. Even in Game 2 we were just 1 shot away.

Celtics adjusted their defense in the 3rd and the Laker offense did the right thing and continued to attack & dish out. The shots just went to shit. Unfucking believable

Kobe always bounces back strong after a loss and Phil will have to pull out the miracle strategy, but the Lakers do have the ability. Celtics are playing some monster defense right now but nothing that can't be overcome with good strategy and hard play.


It was painful watching those possessions where a) kobe did not touch the ball and b) turiaf was shooting. hideous.