Fucked 2 Married Girls, Knocked Them Up. UPDATE

ho yelling GIF by The Maury Show

I feel terrible for the kid.


There’s actually some theory (called microchimerism) where a man can potentially leave his dna in the woman’s womb and it stays there for their lifetime. This is just a theory but it has been observed in fruit flys and some Danish study.

So basically they are overweight homely bitches.

Jesus christ! The kids in these scumbag lifes do not stand a chance. Listen to this idiot. Bro we don’t want to pay for all your babies and welfare! Fuck!

I remember you sniffing your sister in laws panties, then your divorce, the tranny, now this.
Might be time to get some help, your dick is ruining your life.

It makes for awesome OG material though.
You’re officially on the mount rushmore of the OG.

FYI - There’s a guy on here that faps to scare away ghosts


Reading this and your screen name makes me lol!

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