Fuji gi wash

I have a BJJ class tomorrow, and I just got my new Gi on Wednesday. I need to wash and shrink it a bit before 2pm tomorrow and I need some advice.

I am 6'1" 215-220, and I have an A4 Fuji never been worn. Should I wash it on cold and stick it in the dryer, and if so, should it be low heat and for how long (using an industrial dryer at a laundromat)?

I haven't had time to be able to wash and air dry it. The pants are quite bigger, while the top is slightly larger. Just a bit nervous about putting it in the dryer.

Any help would be appreciated.

watch out. fuji shrinks a lot. a lot of the guys at my school, actually get a size bigger than the suggested size then they wash it in hot and dry it hot (checking every 5 mins)

Yeah. I'm trying to drop 15lbs at the moment, so I'm assuming this won't be a problem in 2 months, but I'm wondering now if it's even a good idea to wash it tonight.

Thoughts on rolling in it without washing it first?

I agree, I'm close to your size (a tiny bit bigger) and wear A5 Fujis (I have 6 of them).

I shrink the heck out of them until they can't shrink anymore, then they fit great.

But if I had an A4 I would definitely watch it and take it out of the dryer a little early.

Thanks for the information. I'm going to wash it cold tonight, then put it on the dryer and check it every couple of minutes.

I don't think it will dry in time though. I will have about 11 hours for it to hang dry before I have to use it.

Working late tonight...

Washed it on cold, dried it for about 50 minutes on Perm Press, checking every 8 minutes by trying it on. The 2 people in the laundromat must've thought I was nuts.

Fits well at the moment and it's probably about 85% dry. Hanging on a rack now.

Thanks for the tips.

 Fuji's shrink quickly!