Fuji Kassen vs regular Fuji?

 Any of you guys have any input to offer on the difference in these 2?

I would love some feedback on the Fuji Summer if anyone has any

sinceufc2 - 
snakepitz - I would love some feedback on the Fuji Summer if anyone has any

Emotion- sorry I don't have the Kassen so I can't help you here.

Snake- I can help you though. The Fuji Summer is a great gi for the price. I know it's more expensive now but I got it during a special a while ago and paid around $80 after shipping(got two gis at once so I save on shipping too).

If you have one of the standard gis that'll help me compare. The design- looks almsot identical to the standard. It's thinner though. It's a little more comfortable/softer- I think but that could be in my head. The standard gi shrinks a lot. The summer won't shrink as much. If it's a little too big you can force it to shrink a bit with the heat/dry combo but you can't get crazy with it. It's a light gi but it's also sturdy with a decent collar. It's not one of those really flimsy gis like a koral light or vulkan ultra. It's a nice blend of light and sturdy. I really like the gi.

The collar was def my concern, as I dont like extremely thick ones but the paper thin ones suck too.

I am A3 in most if not all kimonos...6 2 and a lean 195

I have been told in regular fuji I am A4 easy. Wondering if I should order A3 or A4 in the summer

Thanks man!

sinceufc2 - I'm 6'2" about 190. My legs are long though. I have the A4. The pants for me are perfect. The length is spot on and they're a little baggy- I actually prefer that since it helps movement. It's not TOO baggy though. The top was a little too baggy at first. I did one hot wash and heated dry. It fights how I like it now- pretty snug but still a tiny bit of room for movement.

We're pretty close in size and I'm happy with the fit. If you do order the A4 you might be worried when you try on the top and discover it's baggy. Like I said it will shrink some. I can't comment on the A3.

Thanks for the help! Sorry for the hijack emotion

 My wifes Fuji Victory arrived today. $65 from Budo on their sale. =)

 In my exp. the Kassen doesn't hold up as well. I have some pics on my phone. I'll try and upload on my work break.




 looks like you will have to copy and paste those links

 Thanks Junkie. How is the collar in comparison to the Victory? My old lady just got a Victory gi and it's pretty damn good for the price. Collar is not as nice as my Atama Gold Weave or Datsusara but about on par with my Ripstop Ground Control.

BjjGearJunkie - How long have you had that gi, and how many times per week do (or did) you wear it?


 This is my training partners main Gi. He has had it less than a year I would say. It gets worn about 3 times a week.

I'm an A2 so should I get the Fuji Regular Gi size A3 and shrink it down ??

 Kassem is a pearl weave, much lighter in weight.

joemasepoos - it depends how an A2 fits you...but the regular fuji definitely shrinks a lot.

Thanks mate , I'll take a chance and try it .