Fujita vs. Mir - Who Wins?

Pride talked about sending "Fujita and Sakuraba" to the UFC. It occured to me that Fujita vs. Mir would be an interesting fight due to the style matchups. Fujita is arguably the hardest headed fighter in the sport, a top wrestler and has decent submission defense. He almost KO'd Fedor.

Fujita is very difficult to take down and Mir is no takedown specialist. Fujita is also stronger and has more MMA experience. Mir would need to get it to the ground and catch him in a submission. There's no other probable way he could win this. And getting Fujita down then submitting him would be very very tough. Fedor did it but he almost got KO's first then had to blast Fujita with a punch to daze him before he could land the choke. Rocking Fujita on the feet would be tough for Mir. I think Fujita wins this. Thoughts?

like gator said....it would be ugly for mir

LOL Mir would break Fujita's arm.I am not the biggest Mir fan but sorry the guy would kill Fujita.Remember Frank is not Bob Sapp he actually has some skills.

fujita gave fedor a very tough fight. mir has a very bad chin and no conditioning. simms gave mir tough fights. are you saying simms is better than fujita. mir would want nothing to do with fujita. i wish fujita would send him to the ufc and he would clean house.

I think Mir wins this. I can't see Fujita hurting him. Grant it that Fujita's chin is absolutely rock solid, but his striking is limited and Frank's ground skills are sick. I think Frank catches him a sub.

Mir would kill him.

Fujita has not really been killed by anyone, and pride has tougher heavy weights.. it would be a good fight..

Fujita hits very hard, Mir would have to be in top condition against that freak

goku is correct

"fujita has a hard body type to submit...he doesnt have 6 feet arms like sylvia and he is not a POS like abbot...i think fujita would win via gnp decision "

That's basically what I'm saying. Its the MATCHUP that is bad for Mir. Fujita was only submitted after being rocked by Fedor. I think he'd stand with Frank and trade, not letting Frank get his chance on the ground until perhaps late in the fight. Standing, Frank will NOT hurt Fujita but Fujita could hurt Frank.

who knws till they fite

Frank does not have a "bad chin".

Fujita is one of the strongest guys in the sport, a good wrestler, an iron chin, and has never really shown himself to be open to submissions. I'd pick him by decision in UFC, by KO in Pride, as he would start soccer kicking the gassed out Mir later in the fight.

Has anyone ever been able to give a good reason why Mir was utterly unable to "tool" the thoroughly-unskilled Wes Sims despite having him down for an entire round?

Mir would get killed.

Mad matchup for Mir.

I think Mir would gas and Fujita would TKO him.

Wow! I'm surprised so many people, seems about 85%, think Fujita would win this. I thought so but figured I was going out on a limb and wanted to see what the community at large felt.. So far its Fujita.

"Fuji wouldn't strike with Mir because i'd say they are about even with there striking ability. "

Remember, if they have even striking ability, Fujita has the hardest head in the sport and would thus win this exchange over time. Even if Mir has a great jaw, I doubt he could take the same punishment as Fujita.

LOL at 85% of people.

More like most people didn't click on a silly thread like this. Mir would murder Fujita. No more comment is necessary. What am I even doing here? Goodbye.

mir = severly overated.
he was beaten by freeman. freeman would not stand a chance against fujita. fujita and freeman have the same game plan only fujita is bigger, stronger, and just plain more skilled than freeman on the ground.

Fujita is a pimp...and his striking is improving