Fukkin Fukt Up Parenting

so i'm sitting in the school parking lot as my kids go to Kumon, and this mom and daughter are walking to their car.

So the mom walks ahead while the daughter who has an empty doritos bag repeatedly tries to throw it over the fence.

she finally gets it over as the mom finally notices. So now the mom goes over and scolds the girl about litering... Then they proceed to get into their car to leave.

i'm thinking "no fukkin way you gonna lecture your kid about littering, and then leave your kids trash still lying on the ground?" ahhhhhhhhhhh!

so as she's getting ready to leave, i get out of my car and go pick up the package. she sees me but pretends not too.


*SORRY rant over....i feel better now

next time, watch the kids for me while I go talk to the Mom about littering.

Leave this to the proffesionals.


Should have picked up the bag, walked over to them and said "excuse me, I think you dropped this."

shudda offered her liver to satan.

Or wipe dorito fingers on her car effectively littering her car as pay back.

Should've gave her the herp

I like Mine O. and BMFL's ideas

I coulda done either or if I was there or both.

and then offered her to Satan!


would have screamed for the mom to pick up the trash. if she feels shame, all the better.

Funny thing, had she been decent looking i wouldn't have cared one bit. Ha!

I would have said something to the mom for sure