Full IFL Cards?

We know the main events of the next IFL's but we don't know the full cards. As I know some of the rsoters have changed, does anyone know when they will be realsing the full card.



couple days ago I posted the most up to date rosters. Full rosters have been released for the Portland Wolfpack, Seattle Tigersharks, Tokyo Sabers, Los Angeles Anacondas, and the Toronto Dragons.

Should have been the Toronto Sabres and Tokyo Dragons, IMO


Why do some of the teams have more fighters listed than others? I thought they had set roster numbers?

backups and such.

But shouldn't each team have the same number of available back-ups? Or are those just the people that have been made active so far?

Hmmm.. I wonder why Hallman is now on the Canadian team? Especially when they already have Doerkson. I was looking forward to seeing him vs. Horwich in Portland.