Full Joslin's Results?

Will they be posted? If so, any idea on an ETA?

i would love to see these too.

With team results. Pretty please :)

Im pretty sure BTT Canada took first in the team results.


It's a difficult task to complete...trust me.

ttt for the results to be posted when completed.

I realize Joslin's is bigger by far than almost every other tournament, which is why I was just asking if they had any idea 'when' they may be posted. With the awesome organization they had in place, it might mitigate some of the size issues.

I don't know if last years were posted here at all (just Showdown Magazine which probably had less distribution than the forum, and did not have the flexibility to correct errors the way online media does).

Bro...it's one of the toughest things to do post-tournament. Really drains you especially when you see chicken scratch, scratched out names, spelling errors, wrong weight division...sorry, mental flashback...lol.

Speaking as a tournament promoter, this is not that hard to do. We have consistently done it within 24 hours of our events.

Like cleaning up your room, it is really hard to do if you don't want to, or think it is un-important.

They are a big organization and stroking the egos of a few teams post-event is probably the last of their priorities.

Remember the grappling tournament is only one part of a two day event for them. The karate tournament on Saturday is probably three or four times the size of the grappling event.

Sled Dog is correct, and again, I'm just asking for a rough idea as to 'when'...