full kotc card??

what's the final card?who is manny reyes fighting?

anyone??miguel someone?

lol Good luck at finding out an entire line up. For whatever reasons, they are no longer giving out complete line ups ... only the top few fights are listed, and then individual names are listed as "also appearing".

That makes no sense..why cant thy have a full card available for viewing?? There is always unconclusive information for whatever reason

Makes it hard when fans have to work to find out just who is competing.

White vs. Eastman. Buentello is off. Smith is off. McCarthy is on. Unsure about Petruzelli/Severn at this point.

Rory Singer will be fighting Wilson Goveia

who is manny reyes fighting?i don't understand why they don't have a line up out when it's only couple weeks away.

I say get Shannon The cannon that guy will fight anyone~! lol

White/Eastman II

A war people.......

PPV? Of course not, that would make sense.

The KOTC has misused their PPV in the most outrageously poor manner possible.

Lister/Horn, White/Eastman, Hoffman/Buentello #1 and Hallaman all would have fought for the KOTC in dark matches in a 6 month period.

Gosh, why are our PPV numbers so low? Why do we get such disrespect?


"The KOTC has misused their PPV in the most outrageously poor manner possible. " 100%

Not that anyone but me cares, but sometime last summer the KOTC just went to hell. Prior to that they always had great fights and I thought great PPV's. I didn't buy the last one. Did the organization change or something? I know that Terry and Chris have been there but why did they go from good decisions and growing the co. to bad decisions and a traveling circus? Anyone know?