Full Spectrum Warrior looks cool!


Yes. Yes, it does.

Tsuneo is correct!


"The big story is that your sessions of FSW are being recorded as you play and you can save and upload the replay of your missions to Xbox Live servers. These replays can then be watched by anybody, including you, and at any point during the playback, you can hit a button and hop right into that game and start playing in real time. This takes things a step beyond the "save anywhere" mechanic since you can see what you've been doing wrong and fix it before things get totally out of hand. Plus you can learn another player's technique by watching how they handled a certain mission. During a mission replay you can engage the free camera and fly all around the environment to see where the potential hot spots are going to be. You won't be able to seek out and plan for enemies because FSW won't render the bad guys until it's time for you to deal with them and then they're placed semi-randomly in an area. Pandemic envisions scenarios where Xbox Livers will handicap themselves with no ammo and a wounded soldier, save the replay up to that point, upload it and see what players can complete that mission given those circumstances. This replay system is an offshoot of a feature the Army requested because instructors needed to be able to point to specific things students were doing wrong as they progressed through the simulation."


Looks GREAT!

jacks furiously =P


looks like a kick ass game.


watch the 15 minute video... it explains the entire system including the xbox controls. I'm not sure about how the PC version will control... I really like what was explained for Xbox

I wonder if the military uses an Xbox or PC to run the game....? There demo at least seemed very Xbox focused