Full Tito Interview now up-2 parts

The always controversial Tito Ortiz readies for Rashad Evans: Part 1 - 6/28/2007


Tito Ortiz talks Rashad Evans: Part 2 - 6/29/2007





Part one:

“I know the people who I need to train with, the people who I need to keep around me. I make sure to make right decisions. Two years ago I didn’t have a lot of people wanting to train with me” says Ortiz.

Part two:

“It’s like the perfect fantasy camp and what I always wanted” says Tito Ortiz from his Big Bear, California compound. Fighters know that there’s no substitute for an excellent training camp and heading into his pay per view showdown with Rashad Evans on July 7th, Ortiz is right where he wants to be.

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Completely incorrect quote -- "Yeah that was me that did that...."

Should be "Yeah, that was myselfs that did that".

nthead, ?

Good interview.

Tito's .75 win percentage in Juco is not as impressive as a .50 mark at Michigan State. I would imagine a .50 Div.I Big 12 wrestler would go undefeated pretty easy in Juco.


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"Tito's .75 win percentage in Juco is not as impressive as a .50 mark at Michigan State."

Proof that ignorance is bliss. Tito had a 54-1 record in junior college with 2 state titles and an undefeated, most outstanding wrestler award his sophomore season. That's a little better then 75%

This will be a good fight

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