Fully Vaxxed are 27 times more likely to get covid

What’s wrong with you? Don’t you care about the children?!!??


My wife is vaxed I’m not she was miserable for days I had stuffy head at night when trying to sleep is all. Take it for what you want, she’s pissed that she ended up with it to, I didn’t care either way, second time I think I had it.

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This is accurate. As the days go by, the reasons given for why getting vaccinated is so important get more and more convoluted. It’s still some version of “my vaccine doesn’t work if you aren’t also vaccinated,” which, of course, is idiotic.


The other thing no one will address head on are the NUMEROUS officials who said as recently as two months ago that not only would mandates never be a thing, but that the government didn’t have the power to force vaccines on people anyway.

I predict that any responses I get to this will be some version of “but the science changed!”


Don’t worry vaxtards in 20 years there will be a commercial for you and you’ll get your settlement money soon after that. Lmfao near 100% survivable



You’re admitting the “vaccine” is useless against the most prevalent variant (Delta variant) of the virus then correct? Oh, and also, if we are using Israel as a model (since it is the most vaccinated country on the planet at roughly 85% of the population), nearly everyone hospitalized has been vaxxed. But otherwise, retarded comment, keep it up!
Perhaps, the “vaccine” is actually causing this latest “outbreak” they are blaming on the “delta variant”. Crazy right, just a kooky conspiracy theory, carry on. See you in 6 months.

Ed Rankin, PhD


“Israel has an 85% vaccination rate yet has one of the highest infection and death rates from Covid. Four out of five people hospitalized in Israel have been vaccinated. So tell me how the vaccine works?”


No doubt, Wu Tang University ain’t nothin’ to fuck with


if anybody does, wu tang knows how to keep the pale horse, off course

Did anyone besides Robbie380 read the article?

“The study found that “fully vaccinated” people are 27 times more likely to be infected and develop COVID-19 symptoms than unvaccinated people with natural immunity.”.

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Pretty sad that you even had to explain that. To the OG: I am disappoint.

Even worse, the reply was “fake news”.

Let’s just all agree that we all think each other are retarded.


At least with the VAX I can now go to the hospital and suffer in PEACE without having to endure BIG BUCK$ DOC and his Nurse Slaves bullying me for not having gotten the JAB!


Dude don’t try. People read a thread title and post on that and nothing else. This is why so many oges are fucking retarded.



The vaccines are proven ineffective in Israel yet no one in the media or government points that out. Fact is the higher risk you are, the more likely you’ll end up in the hospital or dying from COVID, whether you’re vaccinated or not.

The reason people don’t trust the vaccines is because the government has not been transparent about them, what they are, how effective they are,how those with the vaccines can still transmit the virus to others that are vaccinated and how the vaccinated can still end up in the hospital or die from COVID. Instead they keep portraying this as some miracle cure that is 100% safe and effective at stopping COVID.


Na this is all straight up political garbage.

If we did a poll of all the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated I bet you can almost guarantee thst most of the unvaccinated vote a very specific way as well as the vaccinated.

All you posted is complete bullshit for 95% of the population

but one thing is certain, there are way more non-conservative Black and Brown people who have vax refusal/hesitancy than media would like people to think

there is a significant protion of the Black population that is “anti covid vax” and for many of the same reasons a significant portion of “conservative Whites” dont want the vax

these portions of the respective groups dont want the vax and share common reasons for not wanting it

the evil media just purposely hides that fact and , instead, maintains and pushes a 2 team narrative to keep everyone divided


You’re not wrong. Blacks and browns also had a issue with covid infection rates for a while cause a lot of them gave no fucks (at the beginning of lockdowns)


He must be as weak and sickly as u

Natural immunity from HAVING Covid is better than the jab

But either way the jab is better than no jab