Fully Vaxxed are 27 times more likely to get covid

I remember George Carlin talking about how viruses would create different strains after vaccines came out to continue their survival. This was in the 90’s. Seems like he knew more than the highest paid govt employee Fauci who changes his mind/message whenever the MSM does. (Early covid: masks don’t work, don’t wear them, Later in covid: Wear 3 masks). #Clown-world.


Undiagnosed immunocompromised. Both sides are talking extremes.

The beds are full, go away. Come back when you need to be vented.

A stat I rarely see are the numbers for both vaxxed and un-vaxxed hospitalizations, deaths, etc. with comorbidities.

Lets see:

  1. The Vaccine protects you and its the unvaxxed getting sick and causing all the chaos.

  2. Wait, its the VAXXED who are getting covid more now.

  3. AH, BUT if come you get your 3rd booster shot, you will be safe and OK AGAIN!

No one can be bothered to read a short ass article

Says the guy who believes random Twitter “Phd”s no one has ever heard of without question

Theres millions of doctors worldwide, there’s going to be hundreds of thousands of retarded ones with crackpot theories and nonsense

Exactly. Just like there’s millions of nurses, and some will think the best thing to do as a Pandemic is in full flow is to make TikTok videos.

Retards in every profession

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Natural immunity is proving to be very strong - but there’s a high risk to getting that immunity while there is an extremely low risk of adverse outcomes from the vaccine.
Furthermore, the Israeli study showed that natural immunity + one vaccine dose was more robust than natural immunity or 2 doses.


Depends on the age group and health of individual.

Saw somewhere this morning that groups usually protesting/anti protesting each other are coming together to protest vaccine mandates. Has to say something when those that protest each other come together to protest against forced vaccinations.

He’s overweight and has bad luck. Being a teacher at a school where there’s been outbreaks hasn’t helped.

And each time he’s got it, the symptoms have been less and less. 2nd time thought he had a cold. Third time he hasn’t felt a thing, and tested positive because he had to take a test before having a dental procedure done.

I’ve been exposed to it and have had to quarantine a couple of times and never tested positive.

No need to be insulting, all I’m saying is some people have better immune systems than others.

Considering you had it and I haven’t, maybe you’re the weak sickly one.

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That study says right in it the the least vulnerable are vax plus recent prior exposure. It says it right in the conclusion. Why are you guys so retarded? Please stop it.

Vax + prior covid > Prior Covid > Vax > Unvax

That should help you retards follow along.


Exactly. Why is this so hard to understand. Even the thread title is click bait bullshit.

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