Fulton / Serrano fight 2morrow...

Freestyle Combat Challenge XVII is tomorrow with the following fights w/ my picks. What are yours?

Adrian Serrano vs Emyr Bussard: SERRANO by submission

Soloman Hutcherson vs Travis Fulton: FULTON by TKO


Serrano wont sub bussard. Bussard is a bjj black belt and while serrano might beat him it is highly doubtful he would sub him.

not only will serrano not sub bussade, bussade wil beat the shit out of serrano.

I'll second that, there is no way Serrano will sub Bussade.

Fulton's the Iron Man!

Serrano's a bull

Two of the hardest working guys in MMA.

Prop's to both of 'em!

Any more info on Bussard? Didn't know he was a bjj black belt.

Thanks for the info.

I'll tell you what, the guy can take a beating. He has fought some hard hitting guys and he just keeps going. Combine that with his grappling skills, he is a tough fighter.

Results anyone????

1 Brian Geraghty Def Chase Green Submission (Triangle Choke) 4:15 1

2 Warren Kekabah Def Anthony Clause KO 0:17 1

3 Tommy Lee Def Kurt Jamison Submission (Strikes) 0:28 1

4 Joey Clark Def Dan Hart Submission (Strikes) 1:28 1

5 John Geraghty Def Justin Wisniewski TKO 0:00 1

6 Ron Faircloth Def Matt Albright Submission (Strikes) 0:00 1

7 Francisco Soares Def Mark Miller Decision 5:00 2

8 Bobby Garrits Def Jeb Bloomquist KO 1:28 1

9 Nick Thompson Def Jesse Chilton Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 0:00 3

10 Emry Bussard Def Adrian Serrano Submission (Guillotine Choke) 0:00 1

Fultons fight backed out so he was a judge.

ttt for Travis.


what happened to solomon hutcherson? i've seen him fight a couple times (once against jorge rivera) and he seemed pretty tough.

Adrian got subbed before the clock started?

They said at the show that Solomon was injured and would be back on the next show.