Fulton's average fight purse???

I was just wondering what you guys think Travis' average fight purse is. I'm really not sure. It could be anywhere from $100 to $1000 as far as I know. My guess would be $250.

I'm just wondering because the guy truly is the iron man, he fightls like every other week. I watched Travis fight once in Montreal against Vladimir Matyushenko and wondered how much he made for that fight. I know Travis posts here from time to time and he could let me know if it's none of my business. I'm just curious.

Peter P

$250.00 is a slap in the face.I would guess around 1000-3000

Im told he usually recieves 2 free buffet coupons, a toothless prostitute, and his choice of $1000 or "the mystery box"

No way Travis fights for 250 UNLESS doing someone a favor. I have heard of guys like Horn and Fulton and others fight for a promoter for free just to get a fight and make the card.

But if he is getting paid for fighting someone halfway decent, I would say 1000 is probably minimum NOW.

Enjoy getting aquainted with Vancouver prostitutes for a nice change then when you fight here,Travis.If you win you can get to aquainted even more.

hmm, I was pretty close then!

I bet his average purse is smaller than Shannon Ritchs, which is a travisty, err travesty.

I heard those girls could melt a condom right off of the captain. I better stick to my buddy "righty" He may hit hard, but he can be real gentle at night when we are alone. I have soft skin, I use lotion everyday.

how bout 4 buffet coupons,a "mystery box",your choice of toothless prostitutes and a FUCKING STATE THAT WILL LET ME DO A PRO SHOW!!!! Whoops...was all that out loud? sorry ...still a little bitter...

Hmmm do I get paid less than Shannon? To be honest I have fought for free to help out local promoters and what not, but my purse depends on the caliber of my opponent and where the fight is.

After my next fight I plan on slowing down a bit and only fighting tough guys. I have had to fight one guy three times this year on different events as a filler fight, and I have fought some very inexperienced guys recently and I think that just tears down my fight game.


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Please drop me an email. I am in Australia, we used to chat a bit a while back and we were going to work a trade. Relax mods this one was beer not tapes :)

A lot of developments down under check my page too www.xfc.com.au

If ever a fighter deserves a trip to Australia its gotta be Travis! Hopefully we will find our own Jeremy BULLOCK for ya ;)


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Damn it, take the "mystery box"!

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"Im told he usually recieves 2 free buffet coupons, a toothless prostitute, and his choice of $1000 or "the mystery box"

those poor prostitutes lol

Someone should follow Travis around and film a documentary on his dedication to the sport of MMA.

Dedication? What do you know about dedication? Try being a teenager growing up in a 2 bedroom house with 5 other kids, 1 dog and 3 cats, and still managing to find the time, inspiration, and the places to masturbate at least 3 times a day. That's dedication. Somebody should make a 2 hour documentary about that!

Take the box.

You should come back to fight in Utah at least one more time. We have tougher people here I promise

Travis - something tells me your dog and cats were terrified of you...