Fulton's average fight purse???


travis has a documentry tape. ask him to get a copy. it suffered poor distribution.

Travis, you are a funny guy

I think the crazy karate guy you rock-bottomed wants a rematch :)

RE: I think the crazy karate guy you rock-bottomed wants a rematch :)

That is actually true!!?!

What happened to that guy you slammed in Salt Lake City in the EC event? Is he still alive and is he still fighting?

ttt for dedication

2 buffet coupons... $20, a mystery box... $1000, a toothless prostitute... priceless.

The reason I thought Travis doesn't make much per fight is because some of the first time UFC guys make like $2000 per fight. Travis fights in some pretty small budget midwest shows at times. If Travis makes $1000 per fight on average, that's a pretty good living.

Peter P

Well I know for a fact he gets at least $1,500 plus more for a win, however he does not get a hotel room!

What's up Travis?

Krazy Mike

PS. How's the crazy Lady?

TTT for Travis' dedication

Travis, do you ever plan on fighting at 205? I think it would be cool if you got down to around 220 and fought at LHW and HW.

Peter P

I shouldnt disclose some of this, but the old days were the old days. Money is way different now. I was getting paid well when I was in my "prime" UFC never paid me more than $2000. Here are some pay days you may find fascinating.

My 1 hour fight with Brad Kohler $0

My tournament win in 1998 where I beat Sam Adkins and Jamie Schell-I lost $400 because the promoter asked me to pay for Adkins plane ticket and hotel and he'd reinburse me. The event was a 2 night event and sold out both nights and the guy took the money and skipped out on paying anything

Heath Herring-$400 and drove 16 hours

Tsuyoshi Kohsaka-$250 and drove 16 hours

Neutral Grounds tournament-Lost both fights, recieved $50 which I had to spend on a cab to get to the airport the next morning

John Marsh-flew myself and only made $250. Good fight to watch on tape...proof it doesnt pay to fly in the day of the event (BTW I knew I had to fly myself in and agreed. Super Brawl is one of the top events)

Ian Freeman-$200 and was screwed over by the ref. Watch that tape too.

Kerry Schall-$200

Mike Radnov-$400 because the winner's purse was $1000 for me and loser's purse was $400. Radnov got a straight $600. I beat him 2 of the 3 rounds on 2 of the judge's cards and the promoter came over to the ring announcer took the score cards and told him to announce that Radnov wins the decision. A partner in the event, the ring announcer, a t shirt vendor, all verified this, as well as 2 of the judges who voted for me.

I have plenty of good experiences, but who wants to hear about those. These were the crazy pay days. Now there are plenty of guys who have fought me for next to nothing or nothing at all, but for a majority of these fights I was a "name" fighter supposedly being handed a bum to get me on the card cheap. Ive since learned my lesson.

Wow, that's very interesting Travis. Thanks for sharing that. I watched clips of your fight with Kohler the other day on the internet. Was that fight in a dojo or something? How many fans were there? This is something I'll show my kids and grandchildren someday. Travis, I really think you are going to go down as an underground legend.

It would be cool to see you stay busy, but not crazy busy. If you were to fight something like Horn does and fight about once every month or two. It's crazy to think that that would be slowing down for you. It's also crazy to note that with all your fights you are only 26. Anyways train hard and kick ass.

Peter P


Has Travis ever been knocked out?


Travis Fulton - a true fighter and rofl lol funny.

Finding out how much a fighter who fights 12+ times a year gets paid is very interesting, especially in MMA.

LOL at all the above; zero for a one hour fight, a promoter getting you to pay for a plane ticket and then not even paying you back lmao; rofl at neutral ground loosing you money lmfao. lol at the Radnov fight.

Good to hear you're getting paid more now (?).

You're one of my favorite fighters. Just imagine if other fighters like Vanderlei Silva etc fought just for the competition of MMA (not for show or to solely build their career; no disrespect to them though) and fought every month: everyones' record would be LOL - i.e. they'd loose alot more almost definitely.

You've even managed to win over 75% of all your 200+ fights even with this being such a random sport - incredible.

Would love to hear more of your MMA related stories...

lofl @ dedication

Travis, is your brother Brian still fighting? I see he has a good record of 22-4, but hasn't fought since 2002. Brian is your brother right?

Travis, is your brother Brian still fighting? I see he has a good record of 22-4, but hasn't fought since 2002. Brian is your brother right?

brian is his half brother, and he works contruction for his girlfriends parents.