Fun with heavy bag and yard stuff

Getting nice outside, here is a little workout I got today.
1. Kickbox bag 2 minutes.
2. Hoist bag off hanger and do 10 squats with it on left shoulder and then 10 on right shoulder.
3. Walk around yard with it on shoulder and hang back up.
4. feel like going to die
5. Kick box again
6. Do a bunch of militaryish presses with bag
7. walk around with bag
8. Really going to die
9. kick box again, take off bag
10. Armbar setups on bag
11. strike bag
12. Can't get bag back up because my arms can't lift it.
13. Pound on tires with escrima sticks for a while.
14. Jump rope.
Gave me a pretty good workout, and being outside is much better. Doing the armbar setups out side makes you really think about proper weight distribution after taking the skin off your knee the first time.