Fund of Hedge funds

Does anyone know of a fund-of-funds that invests in hedge funds that is open to the individual investor? I'd like to do some research and perhaps invest in highly leveraged hedge funds but I do not have the capital to buy into a fund directly. I do not feel comfortable buying individual derivatives. Is there a fund-of-funds that is open to the public?

get ready to get ass raped by fees in such a fund.

Oh, there's no doubt in my mind that the fees are astoromical. I stay the fuck away from mutual funds for exactly that reason, but the difference is that I can pick my own stocks, do my own valuation and research.

I traded Eurodollar and Euribor. I know quite a bit about a couple of deriv products. I do not have the savvy or the capital to trade others. For shits and gigles I'd love to do some research on a fund of funds.

I know of a few hedge funds that I would love to invest in (friends trade for them) but I'm nowhere near having the minimum capital. I'm just currious about an agregate fund and finding out if it's worthwhile despite of the fees.

motzart, that's what I thought. I hoped that there may be a funds open to the public, but it makes sence that the minimum investment laws would apply to that as well.