Fundamental positions in newaza?

Settle a bet for me.

If I said "The fundamental positions in judo newaza are turtle, guard and half guard", would you agree or disagree?

Note: this is from a 'these are positions you need to know how to defend and attack, because these positions are the ones that you encounter the most, after a throw or as part of an escape' point of view.

Disagree. You need to know all of osaekomi and common submissions and possible escapes from them as well as what you have posted above. Phone Post

I also would add flat down(prone) position. In general I kind of agree with you.I would of said "The fundamental atttack positions of judo newaza you need to learn are ......and add the prone position.

Kesa-gatame is what came to mind when I read the title.

Haven't been doing judo very long but it seems to me that most of the people in the judo class I take try to get right to side control when it hits the ground Phone Post

its important to learn how to pin first, from many directions and how to switch between pins. I learned that by doing drills where you pin without using hands. You quickly learn the right body positions.

kayla-harrison came to my mind