fundraising ideas

hey I am running a mixed martial arts club at my university and I am trying to come up with fundraisng ideas, and since the UG always full of ideas, I though I would ask ya.

So far I have a punching booth, and a bake sale, and an undreground tournament, none of which will probably happen...

How about a men of UNC's MMA club calander, I look pretty good in a jock strap

University of Northern Colorado

ttt for when i get home.

ttt I need some ideas, I dont really want to pose in my jock

How about a UFC fight night. At our gym we borrow a projector and hitch it up to the sound system. It's all pretty cool.

You can charge $ for entrence fee, $ for drinks, hotdogs, snacks, etc... You can raffle ufc gear. You can also do a betting pool and take a certian percentage of that money as well.

It requires that you spend a little thought and $ to put it togather, but can be profitable if done right.

Hi David.
For your fundraiser, you are going to want some promotional products that you can sell for a nice profit. Being that this is for a club through your university, you want an item that you can put your club logo on it, as well as the university logo. an item that will appeal to all the students, not just those interested in martial arts.
email me and we can brain storm and find you the right item.