Funniest band ever (MMA fans) Free BJ Penn shirt!

 I was in Vegas last week and saw STEEL PANTHER play at the Green Valley Ranch. They were HILARIOUS and AWESOME!

Free BJ PENN shirt to the first person who can email me their MP3's (as many as possible but MUST include the song Party All Day).

I know they give away MP3's somewhere but I can't do that from work.

 Make it happen!


Free BJ immediately!!!



 if anyone has a chance to check out that band, do it! if anyone will send me some of their songs (including Party All Day) I will send the 1st person a BJ Penn t-shirt


 inf0, check your messages.


 I sent ya all the song names they have out atm, MP3s soon to come.

 I think inf0 may have won this one. He has started sending songs, as soon as Party All Day gets here it'll be official!

 Nothing for my rasty romo? I'm at work damn it and I took time out to make you laugh! lol j/k

 you did make me laugh! If I can scrounge up anything else I will hook you up.

TUFF-N-UFF -  you did make me laugh! If I can scrounge up anything else I will hook you up.


YES!!! YES!!!

Did someone say free BJs?

 that's right! To whoever sends me "Party All Night" by STEEL PANTHER (mp3)


I don't think ANYONE has the song I want "Party All Day". I just found out the album isn't out until next week.

Good Luck

nonono.. he would have escaped easily but the bars were greased so he kept sliding back inside the cell..

Almost every single member of that band needs a attitude adjustment.

Sagiv Lapkin -  

 hahaha. wel played ole chap.

well played indeed.