funny article...homoeroticism in the UFC

Check this out:

I'll try and get on there with a response....

Sam Sheridan - Check this out:

I'll try and get on there with a response....  

I really think this article is incredibly irresponsible. The UG needs to get on this and leave as many comments as we can to show these guys that MMA is a legitimate sport.


^^^I knew that would make it sometime lol

"...Dana White, the president of the UFC, recently became the first head of a major sports league to welcome gay athletes."

Note the implied mainstream acceptance of the sport in that sentence. Nice to see.

 w ttt f?


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It's ridiculous, sure, but amusing nonetheless.

 When the article cited I knew i had to get it into news :-)

Hey Sam, just finished your book and enjoyed it thoroughly. Nice little read for sure.

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Now THAT would have been cool for a pumpkin=)


Quick. Someone get Cindy O a pumpkin and a black marker STAT.