Funny Don Frye Quote

Talking about his fight with Takayama:

"So i walk up to this big ole japanease boy, and think to myself Frye what did you get me into now"

Frye on IFL, "Well you have 2 guys in their underwear and a pair a gloves....either it's really weird, or really really cool!"

lol Fryes da man!


LOL reason, you're a fucking piece of shit.

reasonmethis is a tough guy know it all. I mean he HAS been a member since the 13th of this month you know....

I do beleive that reason has a little stache envy.

ReasonmeThis, riddle me that - who's afraid of that dumbass cat?

Quit hatin', Larry - Don Frye is a Hall of Famer in the world of MMA and a super nice guy to boot. He's had some of the most exciting matches in MMA history and can say whatever he wants. As far as I'm concerned, he's earned it.