Funny Koschek quote!!!

Fuck the Rogue Mod

"Everyone thinks im 1 dimensional"
-Josh Koschek

Does anyone think that it was funny when he was trying to say he wasn't 1 dimensional? I DID!!!

"Fuck the rogue mod!" I'd buy a t-shirt with that on it.

He's not one-dimensional.

He threw 4 or 5 low kicks, a high kick, and a few punches.

He's more like 1 1/3-dimensional.

I would too, not a KTFO shirt of course. But this cocksucker has been removing my threads on this hot-topic of whether or not Koschek is indeed 1 dimensional. I dont see anything wrong with calling him 1 dimensional because...well...he is.

We can't discuss pro fighters on this forum?

Real Joker has unleased the truth...He looked one dimensional.. IMO

FG, I dont think we are allowed. Especially if,heaven forbid, we tell the truth.

jjd, im very truthful. It sucks the truth hurts some dicksucking pansy asses.

lol @ "dicksucking pansy asses"... You are truthful.

His wrestling looked good...and that's really about it. He'd get the takedown then have absolutely no idea what to do afterwards.

Well he sure showed us.

he's so one dimensional, i can't see him when he turns sideways. that being said, he's very new to MMA, and probably has enough talent to go pretty far if he trains right.

He's talented Gannon. Noone said he sucks, but noone said he was well-rounded either.

He is a good "project" if someone can take him under their wings

Doesn't he train out at AKA with Crazy Bob Cook? If so, I think he's in good hands

My wife, who is a moderate MMA fan, noticed that Koscheck seems lost after the takedown. She pointed out several opportunities to work a submission, but instead all he wants to do is control an opponent. Most of all, he is scared to get hit. Diego has funny standup, but at least he will take a hit, give a hit, and show that he will do a little more to impress the judges.

Should he work on punching people instead of hugging them as well Goku?

Josh is a stud.

He's two dimentional imo, but certainly not well-
rounded. He should have thrown the overhand right
more (as it was working), more kicks to his downed
opponent while he's standing (he kicked twice I think),
and while in Diego's guard he could have thrown much
more "body-head" punches. I understand he didn't want
to open up for a sub attmept, but he just didn't throw
enough while in the guard.

Good to know Goku, I thought you meant he just needed to work on hugging the other man.

He also needs a new hair cut.