funny Rogan line

When Eilers was talking about how he would even fight his mom, Goldberg said something like "I would not fight my mom". Rogan said "Yeah but maybe Eiler's mom is a pain in the ass". I don't know why, but that cracked me up.

I thought that was really funny too! My wife & I were cracking up at that comment.

I laughed at that too.

I missed Rogan's comment on that! Frikin classic! Lol.

That was great !

Yves comment that "I guess god liked me better today" was classic also :)

Rogan: "his claws are still out!"

ttt for the reason why Rogan should be announcing the UFC until he's old and gray...

He thinks on his feet and he's knowledgable about and loves the sport...

Yeah TTT for Rogan. He adds alot to the overall show and he knows his sh!t.

I loved that comment he made about Zach Lights facial expression during UFC 37.5

"I don't know if he's mad or if he just ate a bag of lemons."

Joe Rogan is great.

Gary Hughes

aaaaaaaaaw, i thought this was gonna be coke in the outline of a rubber chicken