FUNNY saying from Kukuk!!!

This is not new, but every time that I watch the Kukuk A-Z tapes, I laugh because of this...

(The worst part is, I didn't even catch it until my wife started laughing at it!)

Craig is showing a move on how to get out of the arm lock from the guard and he says...

"just give him a couple quick jerks and that should get him right off"!




Oh no...



If it takes more than a couple, just tap.

Where is Craig these days?
And anybody knows what went on between him and Renzo?

Last I heard he was teching in Idaho.

I wasn't there to witness whatever went on between him and Renzo, but posting any criticism, whether right or wrong, of a Gracie is viewed as a cardinal sin , by some people on this board.

That is all I will say.


This isn't about Renzo or Craig...this is about the funny thing that Craig SAID! ;)

You should stop when he has to wear glasses.