Funny shred guitar

This is a great way to spend 7 minutes... A shredding and very funny guitarist... More guitarists should be like this...

Open B Tuning

That is him. He was also the singer for Steve Vai's "Sex & Religion" album, which is widely regarded as a crummy album/ failure, but it's one of my all-time favorites... At first, I hated it. I even went as far to leave a nasty voice mail message/ prank call for Steve Vai telling him to "lose the f'in singer".

After many listens, I really grew to love it. And when he played/sang with Vai in concert, he kept up with him very well on the leads. That was a great show.

I also like SYL's albums "Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing" and "City". They were intense in concert at the F-fest many years ago... Gene Hoglan was the drummer. Just crazy.

God I remember seeing Vai on the tour with him "back in the day" when he was "that kid" singer. The encore was "Attitude Song" and he played along with it.

So much shred guitar is so fucking serious. Great attitude and great musician, thanks for posting it.

Here's a great song to play loud if you work at a corporation and sit in a cubicle (just kidding- headphones is the only way to go for this extreme metal piece- gotta love the anger here.)

 On Sex and Religion there is a sond that Vai is going nuts on, and at the end you can hear Devin shout, "Alright,alright, we get it. You can play guitar!" or words to that effect. Funny as hell.

Devin Townsend is a fucking god, anyone that hasn't listened to his fairly extensive solo material should do themselves a favor.

Dude puts on an awesome live show too