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Surveillance video taken at a Sandy 7-11 store captured three men wanted for allegedly putting a bag of human feces in the store's microwave and setting the timer for 10 minutes.

SANDY - Three juveniles who were videotaped putting a bag of human feces in a microwave at a Salt Lake area convenience store were arrested on Thursday, police said.

On Mar. 23, three teenage boys entered a 7-11 convenience store located near 2100 East and 9400 South.  After milling around the store for a few moments, police said they went over to the microwave and put a bag of human feces inside -- and then set the timer for ten minutes before leaving the store.

A few minutes later, the microwave blew up and sent the excrement and a putrid stench around the store.  The appliance was destroyed and the entire store had to be fumigated for a long period of time -- resulting in lost profits, officials said.  Overall, about $3,500 in damages occurred.  (Photos)

The store's surveillance camera captured the teenagers and the entire stunt.

Sandy police said all three juveniles have since been caught, after the boys were recognized in media reports of the incident.  Authorities said all three teenagers confessed to participating in the stunt.

Each of the three boys was charged with third-degree felonies stemming from the incident.  They were not publicly identified due to their juvenile status.

 not funny, but very funny and sick.. just be glad you weren't in the store shopping! lol

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I found microwaving shit in a 7-11 to be funny.  If I was in the store I think I would die laughing.  Got it off the OG btw.

 micros and 711. ironic

Were they Micro? I didn't think they'd be capable of thinking of something that complicated.

Back in the day, we used to take old record album covers, take a dump into it, slide open end under someones door, knock, before they answer, step on unopened end.

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I think one of the workers did say, "The shit's done!"

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