Funny thing about caring people

And people will take and take and take and take until there’s nothing or its their turn to help … and then they’re on to find another selfless person

Yeah I know thats how it goes but when you see it in your family its more disheartening.

I think you just need to do what you think is right, and assume your kindness and generosity won’t be reciprocated. Don’t overextended yourself, and give according to your means and energy.

That works better for me than being jaded and bitter.


The sad truth that every man learns, the hard way usually.
Its heartbreaking when you realize this.

Its also liberating.

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BUT, never rely on your drunk dog!

Focus on the liberating.

It only hurts for a little while.

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Im 52, those are old scars at this point.

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Yeah I’m not worried about what is reciprocated to me in the situation that inspired this thread. I’ve just observed where someone who did thousands of things out of love for someone else is now being somewhat ignored by that person in their time of need and since they are close to me it hits home, thats all.

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Do not underestimate jaded, bitter and cynical

I’m not wasting anymore energy on the people that can’t be bothered to be decent in a tough situation.

It does suck though to be related someone like that. Kinda unavoidable.

I do nice things for people for the sake of doing it. I never expect anything in return.

Get better friends ha ha. Seriously, people that always help out are taken for granted. And when they say no, people are pissed at them while they aren’t against the ones never doing anything! Unfair? Sure, but it’s simply abot expectations. If a store always gave you something for free you’d take it for granted and be pissed when you have to pay.

You know, like all the Millennial SJW libtards that their parents always paid everything for them and now expect the government (YOU) to do so.

When you are just a decent friend and have some that rarely need help and that you yourself rarely need it, things are actually pretty good. People always helping and those always asking for help are the opposite side of the same problem.