Funny thing about Pride haters....

They all say Pride sucks and that the UFC is much better, yet everyday we get 20 threads from them saying how they want Shogun, Fedor etc. If you fags like those fighters so much then watch PRIDE you idiots!

these people are a hopeless cause. Truly pathetic.

UFC gets Pride's #3 HW and they are busting a nut.

They like Pride's fighters, they just don't like Pride because it's owned by a Japanese company"

this is true. People won't admit this, but this is the root of all Pride hatred.

he was the # 2 imo

hes beaten josh 3 times

and is 0-1 vs nog

Sorry Pride is doing shitty right now but please take this circle jerk somewhere else.

are you people mma fans or not?

if so , WATCH MMA

if not then don't...... no need to come up with all this brand loyalty and other bullshit

i watch ufc

i watch pride

i am a fan of MMA , what about you?


"But most of us are not "Pride haters" we're "Pride nuthugger haters" "


Yesterday I watched UFC66, today Pride SW06 and the IFL. I'm DLing K-1 Dynamite so I can watch that too. I love NYE. I dislike the fact that the talent gets split up, but what can you do?

UFC fans would like to see those guys in the UFC because they would be more inclined to fight other top fighters opposed to fighting guys like Coleman, Randleman, Zulu, etc.

Also, if Yoshida, Ogawa, or Nishijima were in the UFC, they would have never headlined a card.

Fedor would fight the #1 contender or the top fighter available each fight, same goes for Wanderlei.

All Pride supporters enjoy the UFC as well.

It's just that they enjoy Pride more, because objectively Pride has better fighters and better presentation.

I love watching UFC's WW division, because fights there actually dictate the world rankings. I can't say the same for other weight division in UFC.

"But most of us are not "Pride haters" we're "Pride nuthugger haters"

That's the bottom line. I'm sick of these people. They ruined this forum.

funny post Tyson

Because he has no respect for the incredible talent in the UFC. Like Pride, the UFC has awe inspiring fighters in it. It's a matter of respect that guys like him and Evilyoshida lack completely.

"lol @ the insecure pride fans hahaha."

Answer this question.....

Who would you rather see fight. Fedor Emelianenko or Tim Sylvia?

Thought so.

"Answer this question.....

Who would you rather see fight. Fedor Emelianenko or Tim Sylvia?

Thought so. "


Good point man, that's why I'll be watching Bodog to see Fedor fight this year.

I really want to see Arlovski vs. Crocop. Arlovski can definitely win despite your first reaction when hearing that. Both guys have iffy chins, so I doubt that'd be much of a factor against Arlovski. I can definitely see him low kicking Crocop into oblivion, cause his left low kick is the fucking DEVIL. I think I've only seen 2-3 guys in K-1 who do it better, for god's sake. He's got a great right uppercut, great movement (lets all just try and forget the second Sylvia rematch), man just about all of his best weapons are a southpaws worst nightmare. Of course Crocop fought kickboxing at a higher level and would definitely win under those rules, but for all intents and purposes, the guys are about equal strikers in MMA, with weaknesses and strengths that totally play into each other.

First Crocop has to end our collective nightmare that is Tim Sylvia being champion. (shudder)