Funny Thing Happened at the Gym

All right, check this out.

I was training one of my clients today while this other trainer was working near by on the plate loaded leg press machine.

Well, his client is about 6'-7" and weighs about 280-300lbs. He had just finished a set on the leg press and he was whining about how hard it was.

I look over, quickly do my gym math, (mutiples of 45# plates) and I say "what are you crying about, it's only 450 lbs". He looks at me and says "I'd like to see you do it". So I say "What ever you just did, I'll do twice as much".

He lights up and asks his trainer, "how much did I do"? His trainer says he did 30 reps. So the guy says "all right...Let's see it, 60 reps with 450".

(I'll stop using quotes now you guys get the drift).

So his trainer starts saying no, don't bother him (me) cuz I am with a client as well. But the guy is determined and starts loading the plates back on the machine.

The big guy says this will be good entertainment.

So I walk over and climb into the leg press. I take a deep breath and start repping out with the 450. The other trainer is counting reps out loud. I just sat there and hammered them out with a poker face. Then, when I got to 30, (still dead pan) the other trainer says should I bring you a magazine to read?

I smile and keep pumping. 40...50...55 (Starting to burn) 60!! He locks down the pins and the big guy just sits there...I get up all calm and start to walk over to my client. My legs were numb The big guy says...You got a little bit of a wobble there. I lean on the wall and smile.

He says to my client, your trainer is pretty tough. I say to the big guy, I am charging you and hour session for the entertainment and for making me mess up my workout schedule because I am not supposed to workout untill Friday. He says go ahead, it was worth it.

It took me about 10 minutes to recover from that little stunt but I guess it was worth it. He shut the hell up, and I got paid double for the hour.

Just thought you all might enjoy that story.


P.S. well see how my legs feel in the next couple of days.

LMAO ! Great story, I'll bet yo'll be sore like hell! Good stuff.


Macho macho maaaan. I wanna a be a macho man.

haha! Good stuff.


Only 60? Turn in thy red name.

Hey...I am alive!

No soreness at of yet. I am awaiting the onset of DOMS.


lol at chocolate shatner...Funny name.


Taku, LOL. Hopefully your gym (or somewhere nearby) has a whirlpool you can use. Those always helped me avoid DOMS, for some reason.

Good story :D

Reps kills my legs.



At a 45 degree angle, you're actually pushing about 70% of the weight (sine of the angle). You have to take into account that you're not lifting much of your own bodyweight (other than legs at a 45). You also have to take into account that the sled has some significant weight. I won't try to do the math...

LOL - nice going. I wouldn't have paid ya though...

instead of multiples of 45 (4.5) do multiples of 90 (9)

so how many plates on one side? multiply by 9 and stick a 0 on the end of it

20 plates ? 180...1800

just a tip for quick calculation

I did mean reps in this case...But I honestly did not expect that he had done 30 reps. But I had to step up after mouthing off...So I did.


everyone knows it is not a straight 450...But It still aint easy doing 60 reps with it.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

By the way...still no soreness. Today was my workout and I had no problem.

Happy thanks giving to you all if I don't check back in soon


Impressive. I KNOW you didnt do a warmup either, for shame!

do you have tree trunk size legs?

Why did the trainer have the guy doing 30 reps?

I do have muscular legs. I am 5' - 7" amd currently weigh about 180lbs.


I mean this in a totally non-gay way, but do you have a full-body pic, Taku?

I mean this in a totally non-gay way, but do you have a full-body pic, Taku?

Also, do you have any where you are oiled up wearing a hard hat, tool belt and thong?  Thanks in advance. 

P.S.  I mean this in a totally non-romo way.   

damn,wtf did he say that made you tell him off like that?